Moretti & Associates | Wealth Accumulation

What defines us is our legacy. Our innate desire to leave a positive lasting impact on others is what determines how we are remembered.

Although it is a hard subject to broach, the issue of what we leave behind when we come to the end of our life is nonetheless important. Whilst it is difficult to plan for any eventuality, having a plan in place offers peace of mind.

Moretti & Associates has a wealth of experience in preparing clients’ finances in this area, helping countless individuals to settle plans for their estate. Transferring your wealth to loved ones requires dedication and a compassionate approach to ensure the plan you want is the plan you leave. We at Moretti & Associates understand that this is a sensitive issue and offer compassionate guidance carefully shaped by your desires.

Moretti & Associates offers clients several services with advisors meticulously ensuring your wishes are implemented. We can arrange, amongst other options, for:

  • Charitable donations
  • Trust fund creation
  • Transfer of investments and other assets/wealth

What's more, with Moretti & Associates positioned in multiple regions, clients may also like to discuss strategically placing wealth in foreign jurisdictions, with certain countries offering benefits and fortitude to trusts, assets and funds. With our advisors, we will help you navigate issues such as tax liabilities and explore other options relating to the management of your estate planning. At Moretti & Associates, we do all we can to help you build the legacy you wish to leave behind.

To hear more about Moretti & Associates’ Strategic Planning, please feel free to contact one of our dedicated advisors, on hand to assist you in any way possible.